Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alta-Snowbird is fun for kids

Dictated by Guest Blogger Parker Wagnon (age 5)

I did zig-zags with my Dad.
I was good on the Sunnyside lift at Alta. From the Sunnyside lift, I could see Devil’s Castle. It’s a rocky skiing hill. It’s really high too.  Down where I was skiing, it was not rocky. Some spots were steep. I skied really fast on the steep parts. I did zig-zags. I loved skiing on Sunnyside.

We went on the Sunnyside chairlift and we went on the Cecret chairlift. I love going through the trees close to the Cecret chairlift. Part of it was steep, part of it was flat.

You can ski to Snowbird from Alta. When you get on the Snowbird side, they are green runs, but they shouldn’t be green runs. They should be black runs for kids.

It was a good sight to see the Alta mountains. We liked skiing at Alta. 

We are going to zoom underwater at the pool.
We stayed at the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. Our room had an LG TV and we also have an LG TV at home. The room was fun and nice. The view was cool. You can see a little slope for kids and also bigger slopes up high. Our room had a window inside with a curtain, so you can open it and see in the shower and tub. It was both a shower and tub.

We went in the Snowbird pool outside next to the Chickadee chairlift and had some fun. There were three hot tubs there too and the guys were drinking beer in the hot tub. Cole and I had fun diving and zooming underwater in the big pool. It was heated, but when you get out of it, it's very cold. Cole and I love swimming and the Snowbird pool. It was still fun, but I wish they had a water slide.

Also, the Mormon Temple was sort of by it. It is in Salt Lake City. We love Salt Lake City.


  1. Great story, Parker! Now I want to ski at Alta though I'd be a big kid ;)

  2. Great story Parker. I felt like I could almost see it in my mind.
    Ms. Ivey

  3. I love skiing too.The pool looks nice.I like it.I miss skiing so much.